Turn CBD Mother Liquor into Profits

Is isolate mother liquor a problem for your company? We have the solution.

CBD Meets Chromatography

Why Chromatography Is The Most Economical Solution

Turns Mother Liquor Back Into Distillate

Chromatography allows you to separate CBD from other cannabinoids. This process can turn CBD mother liquor into two products, high CBD distillate and high minors distillate.


The high CBD distillate can be used to create more isolate at a much a lower cost. Minor cannabinoids inhibit crystallization and chromatography is the best way to remove them. The high minor distillate varies by mother liquor but is typically high in CBC, CBT, CBL, CBN and more.

Crude Oil and Distillate Are Becoming More Expensive and Less Available

Almost every company in the hemp industry is affected by the increased prices of raw materials and or lack of quality. Using chromatography to create distillate allows you to make consistent quality distillate.


Even when purchasing mother liquor from another company you can produce distillate at significantly less than the current market price. Most companies have no idea what to do with their mother liquor, or worse paying to store or dispose of it.


Your company can take advantage of this untapped market.

Chromatography Is Capable of Much More Than Just Distillate

In point one we talk about the high minor distillate, this can be used to create the ultimate entourage effect in commercial products.


You can also use the same type of equipment to refine this distillate further into isolate rare minor cannabinoids without chemical synthesis. BOSS has created CBT distillate and believes almost all minor cannabinoids can be isolated with further research.


Chromatography can also be used to efficiently create THC-free products.

Our Engineers Have Solved It

BOSS Chromatography Has Perfected CBD

Our process has completely revolutionized how companies are re-utilizing their CBD mother liquor. Gone are the days of endless storage and higher costs. Create more isolate at much lower costs, grow your profit margins, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Multiple revenue streams

    This calculation does not include the revenue from the high minor distillate.

  • Consistent and Reliable

    Your distillate will be consistent and produce a higher yield.

  • Lower input cost

    Lower cost can turn your business into an industry leader.

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