Distillate Remediation & Services

Remediation Re-Defined

BOSS separation technologies, methods & equipment consistently produce remediated low T distillate with % delta 9 less than 0.1, % total cannabinoid more than 96%, % CBD more than 88, % CBD yield more than 78.

Refining operations reduce solvent, pesticide, heavy metal and microbial contamination to non-detect levels.
Highly scalable remediation volume from 1 to 300 kilograms hourly, or 24 to 7500 kilograms daily.

High-Volume Technology

Ethanol & CO2 Retrofits

Highest Quality

High-Volume Distillate Separation Equipment

BOSS distillation equipment produces the highest purity compared to other remediating technologies.
Capable of producing 88+% CBD and 90% CBD recovery from BOSS refined oil while fully recovering terpenes as a usable product.


Distillate Feed: CO2 or ethanol

% CBD Potency: 76 or more

% Total Cannabinoid Potency: 83 or more


Low T Remediated Distillate

% CBD Yield from Distillate: 88 - 90

% CBD Potency: 88 - 91

% Cannabinoid Potency: 95 to 98

% Delta 9 Potency: less than 0.1 (1000 ppm)

BOSS Technologies

Best Productivity & ROI

Advanced Continuous Chromatography Process

Environmentally Friendly Recycled Solvent

Cost Effective & Highly Productive

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