Hemp Extraction Equipment

Engineered to meet the growing demand for high-purity distillate production at scale

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Re-Engineered Production & Separation

BOSS hemp oil refineries are designed & engineered for high-volume extraction, refining, distillation and remediation demands ranging from 4,000 pounds of input biomass per day to more than 200,000+ pounds per day.

Our refinery technologies, methods and equipment produces the highest quality distillate at expanded volumes with increased yields, purity & potencies all while reducing operating costs when compared to other extraction equipment. Call us today and see what we can do for you! 

Complete Processing Systems

Our BOSS series equipment can be outfitted to your plant requirements to achieve your desired end product.

Modular &
Scalable Design

Built with customization and growth in mind, BOSS equipment provides upgrades and expandability as the market evolves.

Automation Where You Need It

BOSS extraction equipment comes equipped with continuous, auto-pilot configurations for minimal operating requirements.

Improved Operations

Efficiency, continuous production and un-matched yield is at the heart of our refinery extraction equipment. Suited for dry or wet biomass and fully automated for minimal number of operating technicians, the BOSS series hemp refinery equipment is the perfect solution for those wanting complete distillate production without the need to seek out additional equipment to achieve the desired end-product.

Distillate Production

Continuous extraction, refining & distillation

Modular design for tunable processing with scalable volume & superior yield

Ambient dry or wet biomass extraction

Organic compliant food grade solvents & ingredients

Rigorous pre-distillation impurity & contaminant refining

Continuous refined crude distillation

Distillate Remediation

Continuous tunable distillate remediation

High purity low T Ultra-Broad Spectrum distillate production with superior yield

Water Removal & Solvent Recovery

See our solvent in action!

Eco-Friendly solvent recovery up to 99.9%

Continuous water removal

Wet processing up to 55% moisture

Boundless Capacity

Scalable Biomass Processing

Proven & Tested for Dry or Wet Biomass

Variety of processing levels to suite demand

Upgradable to meet future output requirements

Seamless Production

BOSS process includes multiple passes of molecular distillation resulting in high potency distillate. Effortlessly produce the highest quality distillate with fully automated configurations. Our patented method insures each fraction is clean and pure with the specifications you need to manufacture your consumer products.

Production Purity

Continuous crude refining with stringent limits for impurities & contaminants

Reduced chlorophyll, waxes, gums, sugars, fatty acids & glycerides

Non detect solvent, pesticides, heavy metals & microorganisms

Distillate Production

% CBD Yield from Biomass - 86 to 88

% CBD Potency - 82 to 86

% Cannabinoid Potency - 88 to 92

Low T Remediated Distillate Production

% CBD Yield from Biomass - 77 to 82

% CBD Potency - 89 to 91

% Cannabinoid Potency - 95 to 98

% Delta 9 Potency - less than 0.1

Proven Economics

Our equipment & technology has made breakthroughs in terms of revenue generation and cost of operations providing you with the best economics and higher ROI than our competitors. 

Increased yields with proprietary technologies & patented methods

Expanded volumes with modular equipment with scalable capacity + increased yields

Increased revenue with expanded volumes + increased yields + premium pricing

Reduced costs with less labor + reduce solvent & energy

Expanded margins with increased revenue + reduced cost

Increased income & best economics with expanded margins + increased volumes

Co-Op Biomass Processing


Ideal for Mid-Sized Hemp Operations

Satellite refineries with limited processing (extraction + refining) for stable intermediate production

Hub refineries with refining + distillation + remediation for intermediate processing & remediated distillate production

Extraction Equipment For Maximum Profits

Robust extraction equipment & technology ensures high-grade production and revenue


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